Russian girl Maria

Name: Maria

City: Moscow

Country: Russia

My name is Maria, I'm 34 years old and I live in Russia, Moscow. I have a brown eyes and my hair color is dark brown. I'm looking for man from Eastern Europe, Russia, Western Europe.

Maria talks about herself: ’m very emotional and romantic girl, dreaming to meet the love of my life. My close people describe me as a kind, loyal, tender, very understanding and sensitive person. It’s really important for me to help other people, to do something useful for them. It gives me a feeling of importance of my life. I am also very open-minded, optimistic, always cheerful, easy-going and sociable girl. I have an active lifestyle and versatile interests. I'm interested in arts, cultures, social activities, business, travelling and sports. I love dancing, drawing, spend time with my friends. I paint the pictures myself... mainly landscapes. For me it is a method of expression my love to this world. I enjoy also new meetings with interesting people and communication with them. I like nature a lot and it’s always a pleasure for me to spend a time on it. I love the sea and the sun and I dream to travel. I think that we should be grateful for every minute of our life, enjoying our relations and d...