Single girl Valeriya from Russia

Name: Valeriya

City: Tyumen

Country: Russia

My name is Valeriya, I'm 30 years old and I live in Russia, Tyumen. My hair color is red and I have a green eyes. I'm looking a man with 24..50 years old.

I like to watch television channels for example current affairs/debates, nature and wildlife, sci-fi, horror, drama, documentary, thrillers and mystery.

I enjoy spending time at bars and pubs, pop music, museum and art, dinner parties, classical music, movies, music rock, fashion events, dance clubs, reading, jazz music, video games, concerts, surfing the web.

My favorite hobbies are spiritual, motorcycles, social activities, travelling, cats, dogs, photography, astrology, events, cars.

Valeriya says of herself: Russian girl who loves to travel, constantly learning new things and meet interesting people. I love to read very much, especially interested in the historical and fantasy books. I love horse riding and dancing. At the moment I work stylist and model. I try to get out of life, because it is so short, and need so much to make it.