Single young woman Kseniya from Russia

Name: Kseniya

City: Saratov

Country: Russia

My name is Kseniya, I'm from Russia, Saratov and I'm 29 years old. My hair color is dark blonde and I have a blue eyes. I'm looking for a man with 18..29 years old from North America, Eastern Europe, Australia, Latin America, Western Europe, Russia.

. I don't have a pets but like cats, dogs, fish, birds. I like to watch television programs for example news, comedy, soaps, sport, mystery and thrillers, sci-fi. I love spending time at music rock, fine dining, concerts, bars and pubs, TV entertainment, dance clubs, darts, movies, dinner parties.

My sport's preferences are other, aerobics, walking. My hobbies are shopping, spiritual, astrology, events, travelling.