Single Ukrainian bride Larissa

Name: Larissa

City: Kryvyy Rih

Country: Ukraine

Hi, my name is Larissa, I'm 38 years old and I live in Ukraine, Kryvyi Rih. My hair color is dark brown and I have a brown eyes. I'm looking a man may be from North America.

My television preferences are drama, films, sci-fi, cartoons, documentary, news, educational, comedy.

Larissa describes herself: I like sunshine and warm climate so would like to live in a place like that in a big city. My reference point is a family and creation of serious sincere relation in it. Men who would like just to talk or to have fun, - don’t waste my and your time. I’m not gonna play a games, I’m seeking a real caring and understanding man for serious relation with. I’m not gonna have a long term lettering – life is too short to live it in internet.I’m very open and sincere person with good sense of humour. I like stable family life, spending time home with my family. I like to travel, try new things, walk at parks, have dinners out. In my mind I see a couple which loves, understands and respect each other, who may spend one evening home sitting near fireplace and reading interesting book and another evening walking at park and playing with kids or making some sport.