American girl Daria

Name: Daria

City: Manchester, NH

Country: United States of America

Hi, my name is Daria, I live in USA, Manchester, NH and I'm 31 years old. I have a brown eyes and my hair color is dark brown. I'm seeking for a man with 20..60 years old from Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, Western Europe, North America, Latin America.

I don't have a pets but like cats, dogs. I don't mind helping in gardening and I like to cook very much. I enjoy spending time at art and museum, concerts, reading, fine dining, dance clubs, bars and pubs, dinner parties, fashion events, movies. My sport's interests are camping, dancing, hiking.

My hobbies are kids and family, crafts, photography, shopping, social activities. Daria describes herself : beautiful fun russian girl. I like traveling and meeting new people.