Single Ukrainian young woman Elena

Name: Elena

City: Kryvyy Rih

Country: Ukraine

My name is Elena, I'm 29 years old and I live in Ukraine, Kryvyy Rih. I have a blue eyes and my hair color is dark blonde. I'm looking a man from any country with 18..40 years old.

I like to cook. I have cats, dogs and I don't have but like rodents, fish, reptiles, birds, exotic pets. My television interests are horror, news, mystery and thrillers, comedy, game shows, movies, drama, cartoons, soaps. I like an entertainments are pop music, reading, dinner parties, surfing the web, TV entertainment, music rock, concerts, dance clubs, movies.

I like sport with preferences are camping, dancing, walking, swimming. My prefer hobbies are travelling, photography, creative writing, dogs.