Single lady Kristina from Ukraine

Name: Kristina

City: Dnipropetrovsk

Country: Ukraine

Hello, my name is Kristina, I live in Ukraine, Dnipropetrovsk and I'm 36 years old. My hair color is dark blonde and I have a grey eyes. I'm seeking a man prefer from .

I like an entertainments are reading, dinner parties, poetry, pop music, surfing the web, museum and art, movies, dance clubs, fine dining, fashion events.

My prefer hobbies are social activities, travelling, shopping, photography, painting, astrology, cars, spiritual.

Kristina talks about herself: I am creative nature. I have many fascinations! among them are esoterics, dances, drawing, poetry et al. and as a veritable woman I love all beautiful!!! shopping is my weakness!!!) As the saying goes, want to obtain attention of woman, compliment with it beautiful clothes!!!))) And yet I like to visit beautiful places, wherever I yet never was!!!)