Russian young woman Ludmila

Name: Ludmila

City: Moscow

Country: Russia

Hi, my name is Ludmila, I am from Russia, Moscow and I'm 30 years old. My hair color is auburn and I have a blue eyes. I'm looking for man favor from .

Ludmila talks about herself: My name is Ludmila. Im 35 years old. Im blond. High – 168sm and weight 58kg, but its just outside cover, under which hided intelligent, tender, passion and loving woman. I live in Moscow. I love this life, people, my relatives, friends. Life is beautiful in all expressions of it. But for the full happiness I need my man, my one-half fraction man, with which we would create our happy and loving family. In the modern life its getting to be difficult to meet the real love, but i believe – ill surely meet my love.I have high education.In a free time i like dance, cooking, read the books, meet with friends, go in for sports. I don’t smoke. I drink alcohol just in holidays.I have Christian faith, but I believe that God is just one, but every nation interpreting that in his own way. I never been married before and I haven’t children.Im heartfelt believe that every person has his own one-half fraction and I really want to meet my one.

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