Girl Tatyana from Russia

Name: Tatyana

City: St. Petersburg

Country: Russia

My name is Tatyana, I am from Russia, Saint-Petersburg and I'm 33 years old. My hair color is blonde and I have a blue eyes. I'm looking a man from North America, Eastern Europe, Latin America, Russia, Australia, Western Europe.

I love spending time at art and museum, reading, classical music, poetry, dance clubs, fine dining, bars and pubs, concerts, movies, pop music, fashion events, jazz music, dinner parties.

My prefer hobbies are creative writing, family and kids, dogs, gourmet cooking, astrology, photography.

Tatyana talks about herself: I much openning for people, very sincere and emotional, always all take much close to heart. always ready to come on help, help person, rescue him. I easy go on contact with people, very communicative, very kind, and once again very sincere, regrettably sometimes this bad for me