Ukrainian girl Tanyshka

Name: Tanyshka

City: Berdyans'k

Country: Ukraine

Hi, my name is Tanyshka, I'm 32 years old and I live in Ukraine, Berdyans'k. I have a brown eyes and my hair color is blonde. I'm looking for a man from Eastern Europe, North America, Australia, Western Europe, Latin America.

I like to watch TV channels such as movies, cartoons, comedy, educational, nature and wildlife, game shows.

Also my interests are concerts, fine dining, fashion events, classical music, dinner parties, pop music, reading, museum and art, movies.

Tanyshka describes herself: I am optimist and I think that everything will work out if you make efforts and believe in your success.I believe that happiness waits for me ahead, and I only have to make efforts in its direction. I love people and always try to help them within my ability. My attitude to life is positive, and I appreciate good smiles, jokes, and laugh. I have an open heart and a tender sincere soul and strongly believe in my success. I don't want to write letters forever. When I find my soul mate I will move to him