Russian young woman Anya

Name: Anya

City: St. Petersburg

Country: Russia

My name is Anya, I'm 32 years old and I live in Russia, Saint-Petersburg. My hair color is light brown and I have a green eyes. I'm seeking for man from Russia, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Australia.

Also my interests are board games, jazz music, bars and pubs, classical music, art and museum, pop music, darts, fine dining, dinner parties, reading, movies, surfing the web, dance clubs, fashion events, music rock, poetry, rap music, concerts.

My prefer hobbies are shopping, spiritual, kids and family, social activities, gourmet cooking, astrology.

Anya describes herself: I am a purposeful, cheerful and bright girl. I like to assosiate with polite and inteligent people, I appreciate sincerity and trust. I hate when people lie and betray. Those who are unreliable irritate me. As for my interests, I am fond of reading, dancing, travelling, I love making things with my own hands.