Single Russian lady Mari

Name: Mari

City: Moscow

Country: Russia

Hi, my name is Mari, I'm from Russia, Moscow and I'm 35 years old. I have a blue eyes and my hair color is black. I'm looking a man with 30..45 years old from North America, Latin America, Australia, Western Europe.

I have birds in my home. I like to cook. I like to watch television programs for example news, soaps, wildlife and nature, sport, comedy, educational, mystery and thrillers, movies, sci-fi. I enjoy spending time at concerts, pop music, jazz music, movies, board games, dance clubs, bars and pubs, dinner parties, reading.

My sport's interests are camping, walking, swimming, fishing, water skiing, dancing, biking, running, hiking. My hobbies are investing, shopping, kids and family, astrology, gourmet cooking, home improvement, photography, travelling.