Ukrainian lady Yana

Name: Yana

City: Kherson

Country: Ukraine

Hi, my name is Yana, I'm 30 years old and I live in Ukraine, Kherson. My hair color is dark blonde and I have a grey eyes. I'm seeking for man from Latin America, Africa, Western Europe, Australia, Russia, Asia, Eastern Europe, North America with 20..35 years old.

I have dogs, fish, reptiles, rodents and I don't have but like cats, birds, exotic pets. I like cooking. I like to watch television channels e.g. thrillers and mystery, comedy, wildlife and nature, films, horror, sport, drama, adventures. Also my interests are fine dining, dinner parties, dance clubs, bars and pubs, TV entertainment, pop music, concerts, fashion events, reading, movies.

I like sport with interests are aerobics, camping, walking.