Single Russian lady Olga

Name: Olga

City: Krasnojarsk

Country: Russia

Hello, my name is Olga, I'm 34 years old and I live in Russia, Krasnojarsk. I have a brown eyes and my hair color is dark blonde. I'm seeking a man with 26..36 years old favor from.

I don't mind helping in gardening and I like cooking. I have cats and I don't have but like dogs. My TV preferences are comedy, sci-fi, movies, wildlife and nature, cartoons, horror, documentary, drama, news, thrillers and mystery. I love spending time at movies, dinner parties, board games, bars and pubs, concerts, classical music, fine dining, poetry.

My sport's preferences are dancing, fishing, camping, biking, hiking. My prefer hobbies are spiritual, kids and family, cars, painting, travelling, photography.