Single young woman Viktoriya from Russia

Name: Viktoriya

City: Vladivostok

Country: Russia

My name is Viktoriya, I'm 30 years old and I live in Russia, Vladivostok. My hair color is black and I have a brown eyes. I'm looking a man favor from with 20..35 years old.

I like cooking. I have dogs, fish and I don't have but like cats, birds, rodents. My television preferences are wildlife and nature, cartoons, films, news, comedy. I love spending time at surfing the web, reading, fine dining, concerts, dinner parties, bars and pubs, movies.

I like sport with activities are dancing, camping, walking. My hobbies are social activities, photography, kids and family, dogs. Viktoriya says of herself : Intelligent, attractive, amicable, sociable, interesting