Bride Alexandra from Germany

Name: Alexandra

City: Berlin

Country: Germany

Hello, my name is Alexandra, I'm 30 years old and I live in Germany, Berlin. My hair color is dark blonde and I have a blue eyes. I'm seeking for a man from Western Europe, Russia, Australia, North America.

I like to watch television programs for example soaps, drama, films, horror, news, educational, comedy.

I like spending time at concerts, bars and pubs, movies, dinner parties, fine dining, surfing the web, fashion events, art and museum, dance clubs.

I like sport with activities are camping, hiking, dancing, swimming, snowboarding and skiing, walking.

Alexandra talks about herself: I am from Saint Petersburg (Russia) but I live since 2000 in Berlin (Germany).So my motherlanguages are russian and german. I am a curios person, want to see the world and to travel a lot My traits are Loyalty, Helpfulness,Creativity,Openness,RespectabilityI think the most important characteristics to have a good relationship with someone fromdifferent country are: Adaptability,Willingness to learn, Risk appetite and flexibility.