Single Ukrainian girl Karina

Name: Karina

City: Donetsk

Country: Ukraine

Hi, my name is Karina, I'm 36 years old and I live in Ukraine, Donetsk. I have a brown eyes and my hair color is light brown. I'm seeking for man from Western Europe, North America, Eastern Europe.

My television preferences are sport, news, documentary, drama, cartoons, soaps, comedy, films, thrillers and mystery, adventures, sci-fi, wildlife and nature, educational.

I like an entertainments are concerts, TV news, reading, board games, fine dining, classical music, fashion events, TV entertainment, surfing the web, museum and art, bars and pubs, poetry, pop music, dance clubs, movies, dinner parties.

Karina describes herself: I am looking for a good man for marriage.I dream to create a family, based on love, trust, tolerance, mutual understanding and respect. My heart is full of love and tenderness that I dream to give to my husband.I’d like to love and be loved. I am looking for a nice man, which is interested in a serious relationship. I do believe there is that perfect man he could be here, he could be in another country but I just know he is out there! Very important for me are: love, respect and trust as being very important to forming a strong relationship. Love gives the mag...