Ukrainian lady Ilona

Name: Ilona

City: Mariupol'

Country: Ukraine

Hi, my name is Ilona, I live in Ukraine, Mariupol and I'm 31 years old. My hair color is auburn and I have a green eyes. I'm seeking for man from Australia, Latin America, North America.

I like to watch TV channels such as sport, educational, documentary, comedy, nature and wildlife, news.

I like an entertainments are classical music, country music, movies, reading, museum and art, concerts, poetry, jazz music.

My prefer hobbies are photography, spiritual, creative writing, painting, gourmet cooking, kids and family, home improvement.

Ilona talks about herself: Soul..., I`m happy, because I love this life and people I will tell about myself. I was the personal fitness trainer. Now I work in bank. Philologist of German by training. I am a creative person and I like to turn every day into a holiday, even on work. I write verses and make handwork cards, sometimes I draw. In the past I am the circus gymnast, was engaged in the modern ballet and sang in chorus. All my life is connected with sports and creativity. I want to create a lovely place - stable foundation - it begin from Trust, Respect, Attention, Care, Love -- place, where will comfortable for my husband and our kids. A careful...