Single young woman Lillian from Russia

Name: Lillian

City: Ryazan

Country: Russia

My name is Lillian, I'm 33 years old and I live in Russia, Ryazan. I have a hazel eyes and my hair color is black. I'm seeking for a man from Western Europe, Russia, Australia, North America, Latin America.

My TV affection are movies, wildlife and nature, thrillers and mystery, sci-fi, documentary, horror, cartoons.

I like an entertainments are poetry, concerts, music rock, museum and art, classical music, surfing the web, movies, reading.

My hobbies are photography, creative writing, cats, antiques, travelling, spiritual, painting, motorcycles, astrology.

Lillian talks about herself: I do not like clubs, noisy companies, enhanced attention. I do not accept insincerity and prefer straightness.I like silent walks; romantic signs of attention; art and creative of different directions, and literature.Yes, I look for the person for the sake of whom I will want to make feats and madnesses. I look for interesting, deep, philosophical person. With whom it is possible for hours to argue that has appeared earlier: an egg or the hen, and who appreciates beauty, an aesthetics and nobleness. By the way, he should be tolerant to my not so good knowledge of English language, i have big problems w...