Single Russian girl Irina

Name: Irina

City: Smolensk

Country: Russia

Hi, my name is Irina, I'm 23 years old and I live in Russia, Smolensk. I have a blue eyes and my hair color is red. I'm looking for man from Western Europe, Eastern Europe.

I like to watch television channels e.g. documentary, news, films, sci-fi, wildlife and nature, drama, educational.

I like an entertainments are concerts, poetry, museum and art, reading, jazz music, country music, classical music, TV news, dinner parties, movies, fine dining.

My hobbies are family and kids, painting, cats, social activities, photography, travelling, spiritual.

Irina says of herself: I am of the opinion that actions and interests speak more than words, but I'll try to describe my personality. I understand that I'm responsible for what I say. I won't neither flatter nor belitter myself, because I want to find serious relationship. So, some words about myself. I'm Irina. I'm 28 years old. I live in a flat with my mother and my red cat. I'm also redhead. I like this color, it makes me smile and makes me forget about grey usual days. I'm quite impressionable and can cry after waching melodrama, for example... But, at the same time, I'm realistic and I like to know something new every day.I like to li...