Single Ukrainian lady Karina

Name: Karina

City: Kharkiv

Country: Ukraine

Hello, my name is Karina, I live in Ukraine, Kharkiv and I'm 26 years old. My hair color is dark brown and I have a grey eyes. I'm seeking for a man from North America, Latin America with 25..36 years old.

I have dogs and I don't have but like cats, fish, reptiles, birds, exotic pets, rodents. Quite enjoy gardening and I like to cook. I like to watch TV channels for example wildlife and nature, soaps, comedy, movies. I like an entertainments are pop music, fashion events.

I like sport with activities are walking, hiking, camping. My hobbies are gardening, gourmet cooking, social activities, cats, spiritual, astrology, travelling, kids and family, home improvement, shopping, photography. Karina talks about herself : I am cheerful and passionate girl. I love nature, stay out of town in the mountains or on the lake and I love sunny days! )