Woman Maryna from Ukraine

Name: Maryna

City: Donetsk

Country: Ukraine

My name is Maryna, I'm 37 years old and I live in Ukraine, Donetsk. My hair color is dark brown and I have a blue eyes. I'm looking for a man with 35..55 years old.

I love spending time at music rock, dance clubs, classical music, movies, reading, concerts, dinner parties, surfing the web, jazz music, TV entertainment, TV news, museum and art.

My prefer hobbies are photography, kids and family, spiritual, home improvement, travelling, events, gourmet cooking, shopping.

Maryna talks about herself: I am honest, kind, caring, healthy, loyal and open minded. I don't drink nor smoke. I love kids. I enjoy the simple things in life the most. Money is nice to have but it is not what creates happiness for me.I like travelling, swimming, hiking, bike rides, working out, movies, theater, reading, great food, music and self improvement.