Single young woman Katerina from Russia

Name: Katerina

City: Nerjungri

Country: Russia

Hi, my name is Katerina, I'm 29 years old and I live in Russia, Neryungri. I have a brown eyes and my hair color is light brown. I'm looking for a man from North America, Latin America, Australia, Eastern Europe, Russia, Western Europe.

I like to watch television channels e.g. thrillers and mystery, sport, soaps, cartoons, comedy, horror, movies, drama.

I like spending time at concerts, reading, dinner parties, country music, surfing the web, TV entertainment, music rock, bars and pubs, movies.

My sport's activities are walking, dancing, other, camping, hiking, wind surfing/surfing, horse riding, martial arts, swimming.

My favorite hobbies are family and kids, travelling, motorcycles, home improvement, cars, photography.