Single young woman Catherine from Cyprus

Name: Catherine

City: Lemesos

Country: Cyprus

My name is Catherine, I am from Cyprus, Lemesos and I'm 27 years old. My hair color is dark blonde and I have a green eyes. I'm seeking for a man from any country with 22..40 years old.

I really enjoy cooking. I have birds, cats and I don't have but like rodents, exotic pets, reptiles, fish, dogs. My television affection are drama, movies, horror, sci-fi, educational, soaps, comedy, nature and wildlife, game shows, news, documentary.

I enjoy spending time at TV news, concerts, TV entertainment, surfing the web, movies, music rock, museum and art. My sport's activities are dancing, biking, camping, walking, snowboarding and skiing. My prefer hobbies are dogs, events, painting, travelling, shopping, cats.

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