Single Ukrainian lady Alena

Name: Alena

City: Poltava

Country: Ukraine

My name is Alena, I'm from Ukraine, Poltava and I'm 31 years old. I have a brown eyes and my hair color is blonde. I'm seeking a man with 25..45 years old from any country.

I like cooking. I have dogs, cats and I don't have but like rodents, exotic pets, birds, reptiles, fish. I like to watch TV programs such as films, soaps, sci-fi, comedy, cartoons, news, educational, thrillers and mystery. I love spending time at concerts, movies, reading, fine dining, pop music, museum and art, TV news, TV entertainment, surfing the web, dinner parties.

My sport's activities are other, dancing. My favorite hobbies are family and kids, painting, gourmet cooking, crafts.