Single Russian bride Vladislava

Name: Vladislava

City: Chelyabinsk

Country: Russia

Hello, my name is Vladislava, I live in Russia, Chelyabinsk and I'm 27 years old. My hair color is light brown and I have a green eyes. I'm looking for man from Australia, Eastern Europe, Russia, Western Europe, North America.

I like to watch television programs for example sport, wildlife and nature, films, educational, comedy, drama.

I love spending time at movies, poetry, classical music, TV news, concerts, jazz music, rap music, reading.

My sport's activities are hiking, skiing and snowboarding, biking, wind surfing/surfing, swimming, aerobics, dancing, fishing, camping, water skiing.

My favorite hobbies are dogs, creative writing, home improvement, spiritual, photography, social activities, volunteer, travelling, cars, family and kids.