Ukrainian young woman Sventlana

Name: Sventlana

City: Kharkiv

Country: Ukraine

Hello, my name is Sventlana, I'm 27 years old and I live in Ukraine, Kharkiv. My hair color is black and I have a green eyes. I'm looking for a man with 21..50 years old.

I love spending time at board games, reading, darts, movies, surfing the web, fine dining, jazz music, TV news, classical music, concerts, art and museum, pop music, poetry, fashion events, dinner parties.

Sventlana says of herself: I am a very optimistic and cheerful lady. I always believe in the better future. I try to start each day with a smile and joy. I am confident in myself and in my capacity, I am very sincere and do not know how to lie and I do not respect lies and imposture. I am very responsive person. Also I respect family values and family ties very much. I'm romantic girl in my soul.... I love sunsets. I love Paris. I love candles flickering. I love sitting in a cafe having a conversation with my friends. I love being accepted for who I am rather than who someone wants me to be. I love losing myself in a good book. I love seafood. I love lemonade. I love the smell of coffee. I love old romantic songs and movies. I love I love surprises. I love Life!