Young woman Kseniya from Russia

Name: Kseniya

City: Moscow

Country: Russia

My name is Kseniya, I'm 27 years old and I live in Russia, Moscow. My hair color is light brown and I have a blue eyes. I'm looking a man with 22..31 years old.

I like an entertainments are poetry, fashion events, TV news, art and museum, TV entertainment, music rock, dinner parties, reading, video games, movies, rap music, surfing the web, fine dining, dance clubs, pop music, board games, jazz music, country music, concerts.

My sport's activities are other, swimming, aerobics, walking, horse riding, skiing and snowboarding, fishing, hiking, biking.

My prefer hobbies are social activities, travelling, photography, creative writing, computers, dogs, astrology, kids and family, spiritual, gourmet cooking, cats.

Kseniya describes herself: I'm an open, sincere, flexible and ambitious girl who comes to life with optimism. I love to motivate and inspire people. I am able to solve complex problems using my own generator of ideas and analyze them by means of strategic thinking. I am able to empathize, sympathize, understand people. You could say that I am an intuitively logical extrovert.