Russian young woman Elena

Name: Elena

City: Saint-Petersburg

Country: Russia

My name is Elena, I'm from Russia, Saint-Petersburg and I'm 27 years old. I have a blue eyes and my hair color is light brown. I'm seeking a man with 24..36 years old.

I like an entertainments are dinner parties, board games, concerts, fashion events, art and museum, TV news, reading, fine dining, poetry, movies.

My favorite hobbies are cats, family and kids, creative writing, social activities, travelling, photography, gourmet cooking, events.

Elena talks about herself: I enjoy outdoor activities! I like staying in a good shape doing workout and lead a healthy life style. One of my joys in life is distance running. I'm an avid sports fan, specifically I'm interested in Formula 1, football and tennis! I also like cooking, especially baking, so I spend a lot of my free time in the kitchen. I adore traveling, seeing other people, their traditions, customs, to get acquainted with their culture, going sightseeing, discover the secrets of local cuisine. My hobbies also include medicine, reading, volunteering, movies, gardening, history, visiting cultural events, such as concerts and art exhibitions.