Single Ukrainian lady Katerina

Name: Katerina

City: Kyiv

Country: Ukraine

Hello, my name is Katerina, I'm 32 years old and I live in Ukraine, Kyiv. My hair color is dark blonde and I have a blue eyes. I'm seeking a man from Western Europe, North America, Latin America, Eastern Europe.

Katerina talks about herself: I'm energetic, sweet, purposeful, intelligent girl. Personal qualities: responsible, persevering with the desire for professional growth, with analytical thinking, as well with ability to quickly navigate in the situation and make my own decisions, sociable, kind, gentle, feminine, demanding for myself and to others, thoutfull. For me are very important family, children, house, harmony of relationships, trust, respect, understanding, culture and manners in the family, love, support, and careful, self-fulfillment in life, self-improvement and the achievement of goals. Usually I spend the weekend with my daughter, engaged in self-education, watching films in English, shopping, painting, walking outdoors. As well I have meetings with my friends, visiting of the restaurants and clubs. The most priority objectives for me today are: the proper moral education of my daughter as a person, as well as the opportunity to give her High education in Unite...