Single Ukrainian lady Mary

Name: Mary

City: Kyiv

Country: Ukraine

My name is Mary, I'm from Ukraine, Kyiv and I'm 27 years old. I have a blue eyes and my hair color is dark blonde. I'm looking for a man from North America, Latin America.

I like to watch TV channels e.g. mystery and thrillers, films, sci-fi, comedy, educational, nature and wildlife, drama, game shows, cartoons, horror, documentary, sport.

Also my interests are classical music, art and museum, surfing the web, reading, rap music, movies, board games.

Mary says of herself: Devoted to people who (to my mind) deserve that;I have a good sense of humor, love sport, do my best for those ones who are my friends or who r dear to my hearteasygoing, with strong moral principles. and I may continue the list endlessly, while you start admiring me.. but! nothing describes myself(as well as any other person) better than at least if wanna find out for yourself more - u're welcome